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ce of the fuel during the rebels' time."Most people have opted to ride bicycles an

prices.During a visit for Xinhua and other media outlets to Douma on Sunday, people were lined up to receive f▓ree bread bundles provided by the government.A

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lso trucks of ▓foods, like potato, tomato and cucumber, were seen selling food items for the civilians at low prices.Pe▓ople were seen carrying heavy bags of po▓tato while expressing relief t

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hat they could finally buy food at low prices, as everything was extr▓emely expensive during the rebels' control in Douma a▓lso due to the siege that was imposed on ▓that area and other rebel-held areas in ▓Eastern Ghouta.Since fu

s," he sai

lly capturing it from the rebels▓ early April, the government made several moves to alleviate the suffering of the people who have been larg▓ely affected by the war there.A mobile▓ oven has been sent t

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o Douma with a daily production capacity of five tons of bread to meet the demands of the

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people there.On Saturday, a government-backed shopping festival kicked off in Douma with the participation o

y for workers who

move heavy stuff from one place to another."The bi▓cycle wasn't enough of a transportation to meet our demand▓s ... for example, I can't transport goods▓ of 100 kg on this bicycle, maybe 50 kg max," he said.For his part, Bashar Ajweh, another resident

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g▓ that maintenance workers used to charge very high fees for fixing the
bicycles, wh

f more than 40 companies.The aim of the shoppin▓g festival is to offer a variety of foodstuff and other products for the people there at low prices, as part of the efforts to revive

ose prices have jumped 10▓ fo
lds during t
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